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Offsite Opportunities

Here is how we are serving the community. View the calendar below.

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Get active and healthy with the Blue Zones Project (BZP).

Here’s your opportunity: Stay connected with local walking groups, purpose workshops, and food demos as we build a happy and healthy community together through the BZP. Contact the office or sign up for our monthly newsletter to participate.

Support the community through the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s your opportunity: Make an impact on the Monterey region by staying in touch with local organizational leaders. As part of the chamber, you may contact our office or sign up for our monthly newsletter to be involved.


Join our offsite worship services!

Here’s your opportunity: We host a local worship service at Merrill Gardens on Mondays at 11am and the Cottages of Carmel on Mondays at 2:30pm. You are always invited! And, if you would like a visit or hold a small worship service where you are, let us know! We also love to coordinate offsite and onsite weddings and celebrations of life. We are here for you.

Offsite Calendar of Events

Working With the Best

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